Crayons to Calculators

School supplies for students in need

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For students: If you need a backpack, please be sure to contact your school directly. School principals, counselors, and administrative staff are prepared to discreetly help any students that are in need. For school contact information, please visit: Boulder Valley Schools and St. Vrain Valley Schools.

For schools: Each April, Crayons to Calculators asks principals to forecast their anticipated need for the upcoming school year. We will do our best to fill the need of each and every school. In return, we ask that schools publicize the Crayons to Calculators school supply drive in their school communities. Delivery of supplies takes place approximately one week prior to the start of the school year. Schools are asked to make their own arrangements to allow for discreet and dignified distribution of the supplies to students in need prior to the first day of school.

Thank you school coordinators!

We are extremely grateful to the BVSD and SVVSD staff members who serve as our on-site school coordinators!  With their help, we are able to forecast and meet the needs of all students.