Crayons to Calculators

School supplies for students in need

Corporate Sponsors

Western Disposal Services has been a corporate partner of Impact on Education for over eight years, providing Crayons to Calculators with over $1 million to empower students in need by giving them the supplies they need to be succeed in school.

How does one value the heart of an organization? How does one evaluate the soul of an organization when comparing the bottom line financial numbers and when comparing comparable services? Western Disposal goes above and beyond any expectation community members, families, individuals, governments, businesses, and other entities reasonably expect from a disposal service company. Caring about recycling, having natural gas trucks, providing free shred days for its customers, managing the emerald ash borer, providing compostable services, and other services that are environmentally friendly and sustainable are just a few ways Western truly goes above and beyond.

Western Disposal is a company of individuals with families who truly care about their community in ways that are simply not measurable in a bottom line analysis. We are proud to have Western Disposal as a philanthropic partner in our community.

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