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We’re challenging the community to raise $25,000 for back-to-school supplies

We work all year to provide opportunities for Boulder Valley School District and St. Vrain Valley School District students, but an important first step is ensuring every student starts the school year with the supplies they need for a strong and successful academic year.

89% of parents & guardians expect rising prices to impact their back-to-school shopping plans. (Numerator)

Especially right now as inflation hits its highest level in four decades, times are tight for families and we know that many will struggle with back-to-school expenses for their children this fall. Our community is also seeing the harsh reality of the Marshall Fire affecting local families who have a greater need for financial support than they have during previous school years.

Why school supplies are so important

In addition to families affected by the fire, there are over 8,000 local students living in or near poverty who often go without essential school supplies. When families face difficult financial decisions or tradeoffs, such as buying groceries or school supplies, it can impact a student’s success in the classroom and in life. Ensuring every student has access to school supplies creates equitable classrooms across all grade-levels.

To a student in need, a backpack filled with school supplies is so much more than a backpack; it’s a powerful toolbox that bolsters self-esteem and unleashes confidence.

How we provide school supplies to students in need

Our annual school supply distribution, Crayons to Calculators, provides age-appropriate school supplies, headphones, and a new backpack to over 8,000 students facing financial hardship in the Boulder Valley School District and the St. Vrain Valley School District.

Impact on Education and the St. Vrain Valley Schools Education Foundation, in partnership with our Title Sponsor Western Disposal Services, and our other generous sponsors, fund this $250,000 program to ensure each student will head back to school with the tools they need to succeed.

Our challenge to the community

The Crayons to Calculators Community Challenge encourages individuals and organizations to host mini-fundraising campaigns to raise $25,000, or 10% of the total program cost.

The challenge is a fun way to bring organizations and networks together in support of a common goal: supporting local students and equitable classrooms. The challenge lasts for four weeks, and we provide resources and tips for fun activities that encourage individual and team participation.